Statistics of Social Media Obsession  

Posted by Alper Çetiner

From the time we wake up in the morning to the moment we call it a day, and every moment in between (think bedroom, bathroom and dinner table), we’re checking in on our favorite social media sites.

This conclusion comes from data gathered by an independent study (commissioned by Retrevo), which surveyed 1,000 online individuals.

Per the report, our Facebook and Twitter activities continue even after we’ve hit the hay, with 48% of respondents checking in on activity when they wake up in the middle of the night or as soon as they wake up in the morning. Unsurprisingly, these night owl social media behaviors skew heavily toward those under the age of 25.

iPhone users are the most social of the respondent pool and were significantly more likely to check or update Twitter or Facebook from bed — many before turning on the TV in the morning. Several also use these sites to consume their morning news. The iPhone’s app and web experience is clearly making it even easier for the young socialites to maintain their Internet presence regardless of their physical station in life.

The study also found that 56% of social media users check Facebook once a day, 32% don’t mind being interrupted by an electronic message while eating and 24% of respondents under the age of the 25 have no problem with digital communication while on the pot.

A few other interesting data points from the study include:

- 12% of respondents check/use Facebook every couple of hours

- 62% of individuals over the age of 25 see electronic communications during a meeting, meal, sex or bathroom act as unwanted interruptions

- 23% of iPhone owners primarily get their morning news from Twitter and Facebook

While we can’t verify that the data is representative of the entire population, most of these stats — which might be surprising on first look — should be expected. Now that smartphones with apps are ubiquitous, it’s quite logical that these devices would accompany their owners even in the most private or intimate of scenarios.

Our Social Media Obsession by the Numbers [Mashable]

Google TV  

Posted by Alper Çetiner

Google has teamed up with Sony and Intel, and the three companies will be releasing Google TV. Google TV, made by Sony and powered by Intel chips. It will run the Android OS.
The TV project, according to the New York Times, is still under wraps, but that hasn’t stopped the details from leaking. The GTV will be based on the Android OS, and come in the form of both a set-top box and actual TV-sets. There will be regular television, of course, but also Hulu, YouTube and other web-video sources, as well as games and apps for social networking.
It seems like Google are close to releasing developer tools for Google TV, developer tools are expected in the next two months, Logitech has reportedly been approached to make peripherals such as speakers and a QWERTY-equipped remote. If you want to a Google TV?

Google and Partners Seek TV Foothold [New York Times]


Posted by Nilay Aygün

Evindeki hayaletlerden bıkıp usanınca, ruhlar konusunda uzman bir din adamı çağırdığını ve iki hayaletin 'kutsal su' bulunan iki şişeye hapsedildiğini öne süren Avie Woodbury adlı Yeni Zelandalı kadın, iki hayaleti internetten satışa çıkardı.

The Power Gap  

Posted by Alper Çetiner

British leftist think-tank Demos teamed up with creative agency Airside to create “The Power Gap,” a three-minute visual essay that surveys the history of power structures in Western society and posits an atlernative to the de facto oligarchies that rule most of our lives.

This is typically the sort of stuff that professors in tweed jackets deliver to a classroom full of half-sleeping pupils. Airside knew this and had to come up with a strategy that would actually hold viewers’ interest for the full animation.

Airside + Demos: The Power Gap [Motiongrapher]

The 30 freakiest commercials of 2009  

Posted by Alper Çetiner

ADFREAK geçtiğimiz yılın en tuhaf 30 reklamını seçti. Taşıdığı mesajın kaygısına düşmeyen, her dem sansasyon ile prim yapabilir fikriyle yola çıkan 30 videoyu bu linkten takip edebilirsiniz;

ADFREAK - The 30 freakiest commercials of 2009

Chimpanzees make their first movie!  

Posted by Alper Çetiner

The BBC will be airing the appropriately titled 'Chimpcam' on BBC Two at 20.00 GMT on Wednesday January, 27th, during the 'Natural World' show. It was shot entirely by Chimps at the Edinburgh Zoo toting video cameras around their enclosures.

Gradually, the chimps started playing with the Chimpcam, carrying it around the enclosure.

The chimps soon became interested in the camera view screen on the Chimpcam box, watching what happened as they moved the Chimpcam around filming new images.

The apes are unlikely to have actively tried to film any particular subject, or understand that by carrying Chimpcam around, they were making a film.

However, the result, as well as providing new information on how chimps like to see the world, may yet go down in television history.

Movie made by chimpanzees to be broadcast on television [bbcnews]

La Disparisyon  

Posted by Nilay Aygün

Nette araştırma yaparken gözüme takıldı..

Romanın adı La Disparisyon muş...Fransızcam yok, yanlışsam düzeltin...

Romanın özelliği ise George Perec in e harfini kullanmadan bu romanı yazmış olması. Roman Türkçeye çevrilirken de e harfi kullanılmadan tercüme edilmiş, ilginç...

Yazarın kullanmadığı ve böylece kaybetmeye müsaade ettiği “e” harfi Fransız işbirlikçiler tarafından Nazilere teslim edilen ve toplama kampında ölen annesini temsil ediyormuş.

Romanda Anton Voyl adlı kahramanın kayboluşu polisiye bir kurguyla anlatılıyormuş, Anton’la birlikte dünyadan ‘e’ harfi de kayboluyormuş.

Extraordinary Animals In The Womb  

Posted by IEU Medya ve İletişim


 In its documentary Extraordinary Animals In The Womb, National Geographic captured rare highly detailed images of animals at various stages of gestation. Now you can see fetal dog, elephants, penguins, and dolphins still inside the womb.

Extraordinary Animals In The Womb aired last year, using advances in scanning and imaging technology to trace the gestational paths of animals outside the human family. The documentary footage is actually a combination of digital photography, scans, and computer-generated models. The filmmakers took detailed scans of the animal's wombs, then had the model makers recreate every blood vessel and whisker. The resulting images, while not direct photographs, are, according to the researchers, accurate representations of what goes on inside these creatures' wombs.

You can read more about the documentary at the Daily Mail.

Şifalı ayaklar!  

Posted by Nilay Aygün

Hindistan'da bir adamın
"tedavi etmek" amacıyla
küçük çocukların üstüne
çıkarken çekilen fotoğrafları
dünyayı ayağa kaldırdı.
Ülkenin doğusundaki
Katihar'da yaşayan 50
yaşındaki Jamun Yadav
isimli adamın,"şifalı"
olduğunu iddia ettiği
ayaklarıyla yere yatırdığı
küçük çocukların üstüne basarak
"tedavi etmeye" çalıştığı ortaya çıktı.

Çocukların ebeveynlerinin bu tedavi yöntemimden sonradan haberdar olduğu ve adamı derhal polise şikayet ettikleri kaydedildi.

Olay sonrası tutuklanan Yadav, Tanrı adına konuştuğunu ve kendisini savunmaya ihtiyaç duymadığını belirtti.

kaynak:milliyet gazetesi

Quadriplegic Man Wins Right To Hunt With Mouth-Operated Shotgun  

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 Because everybody deserves the right to shoot animals (!), a 46-year old quadriplegic will now be hunting in New Jersey with the assistance of a mouth-operated 12-gauge shotgun.

Jamie Cap, 46, was injured in an accident 30 years ago while playing American football. A head-on tackle resulted in a neck injury that left him a quadriplegic and robbed him of hunting, one of his passions.
"I don't know if there are words," he said. "I'm so happy. When you find you can do something again after 30 years, you can't put a price on that. Some people think it's nothing, but try being paralysed for 30 years and then come talk to me."

For a quadriplegic, firing a shotgun requires help from a companion. In Mr Cap's case, a friend sets up the contraption, safety on, on Mr Cap's wheelchair and Mr Cap aims the shotgun by moving the toggle switch with his mouth. Once his partner releases the safety, Mr Cap fires by sipping on the breathing tube.

US quadriplegic man wins right to go hunting [telegraph]


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